Is it worthwhile to pay for lawn services? 3 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Lawn Care Service

If you’ve never worked with a lawn care company before, or if you have but were dissatisfied with the results, you may be wondering if lawn services are worth it. If you were dissatisfied with a previous lawn service, you may be wondering if you could achieve better results on your own. Or perhaps you’re thinking about going the DIY route from the start. Why pay for lawn care when you can do it on your own?

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We understand that before hiring a lawn service, people want to know what they are getting for their money. However, we have found that homeowners frequently overestimate how simple or feasible it will be to perform these services on their own. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of questions you should ask yourself and a prospective lawn service before hiring one.
These questions will assist you in determining whether lawn services are worthwhile.

Do I Have the Time, Energy, and Knowledge to Perform Lawn Services on My Own?

Before tackling their own lawn care, homeowners should honestly ask themselves if they are equipped to do so. We wrote an entire article about why DIY lawn care is a bad idea, but we’ll summarise some of the key points here.

For one thing, while you may believe you have plenty of time (especially on weekends), we frequently find that homeowners underestimate how much time lawn care can consume. Multiple trips to the store, finding the right day with the right weather, and even clean-up can all take longer than you think.

In addition, the timeliness of services is critical. While you may expect to devote your weekends to lawn care, if you have a whole weekend of rainy weather, you may fall completely behind schedule. This could be a problem because certain lawn services must be performed at specific times.

Furthermore, we find that when homeowners handle lawn care on their own, they discover that it is more involved than they anticipated. This is where expertise comes into play. Furthermore, you’re limited to using store-bought products that aren’t as effective as commercial-grade products used by professionals. A lack of experience combined with lower-quality products may result in subpar results, as well as a slew of hassles and headaches on your end.

What are some of the advantages I might expect if I hire a lawn service?

In order to answer the question, “Are lawn services worth it?” you must first understand the type of value you will receive from your investment. If you’ve already considered the question above and don’t feel fully prepared to handle lawn care on your own, this is obviously a significant advantage. You’ll get someone who knows what they’re doing, uses professional-grade products, and can devote the time that your lawn requires.

A lawn care professional will also provide you with better results as a result of their experience, know-how, and access to professional products.

However, there are additional advantages to hiring a lawn service. Here are a few more to think about.

Lawn Problem Diagnosis

A significant benefit of hiring a lawn care company is that you will have trained technicians watching over your lawn. If a pest or disease problem arises, they will be able to diagnose and solve it. It can be difficult to determine what is wrong with your lawn. However, detecting and addressing potential problems early on can save you time and money in the long run. You can also check out lawn care newcastle

Making Time Available

It’s also worth remembering that your time is valuable. Do you really want to spend your spare time mowing the lawn? When homeowners believe that lawn care will be simple, they do not expect to make a significant investment. However, once they realise that lawn care can be time-consuming, they realise there are other things they could be doing.

Other Services Are Available

Another benefit of hiring a lawn care company is that you may gain access to other services that they provide. This is significant because your lawn is only one aspect (albeit an important one) of your overall property.

A lawn care company, for example, may also provide Plant Health Care Services for your landscape or pest control such as Mosquito Control or Flea and Tick Control. Additional services like these allow you to get the most out of your property and your time outside.
Master Lawn also has a sister company, Micahel Hatcher & Associates, which provides Master Lawn clients with access to a wide range of landscaping services.

Which Lawn Care Company Provides the Best Value?

Of course, all of these points are predicated on the assumption that you hire the best lawn care company. It is critical to understand that not all lawn care companies are created equal. A bad experience with a lawn care company may have brought you here in the first place. That is why it is critical to make sound decisions. We understand that in a market as large as Memphis, TN and Northern MS, that is easier said than done.

However, that is why we have written a number of articles to assist homeowners in Memphis, TN, and Northern MS in identifying the best lawn care companies in our area so that you can get the best value. Understanding what to look for when looking for lawn care services can save you time and money.

The truth is that not all lawn care companies use high-quality products or place as much emphasis on experience and training as others. That’s why it’s critical to do your homework on the companies you’re thinking about investing in to ensure you’re getting the most bang for your buck. Only then can you confidently answer the question, “Are lawn services worth it?” Lawn services are worthwhile if they provide you with all of the benefits we’ve discussed. Lawn is lush green.

Hire a Lawn Care Service That Is Worth Your Money

We understand some of the reasons why homeowners consider DIY lawn care or whether lawn services are worthwhile. However, with the right company, the answer is simple.

The bottom line is that you don’t have time for the hassles or headaches that come with hiring a low-quality company or doing your own lawn care. You can be confident that by hiring the right lawn care professional, you’re investing in great results and overall peace of mind. In the end, this makes lawn care services worthwhile.

Crucial questions to ask earlier than selecting a windshield corporation

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When it comes to a necessary part of your automobile as the windshield, you want to make sure you pick the proper agency for repair and replacement. a lot of things like reputation, convenience, coverage, etc. can play a crucial function in your choice of a windshield organization. understanding the proper questions to ask about a business enterprise is essential earlier than you step out into the market. ask the following questions before you pick windshield corporation.

Whilst do I need a windshield restore or alternative?

Each time something like a rock, a chunk of gravel, or any other stable item hits the windshield in an automobile, it can motive it to both chips or smash. this reduces the motive force’s visibility and makes it dangerous to use wiper blades given that they could grow the quantity of the damage. this is when you want to get your windshield in-vehicle checked.

If only the floor layer of the windshield suffers a small chip and the damage does not enlarge to any vast degree, then repairing the chip may be viable. however, if two layers of the glass are broken, the windshield will need to be replaced.

Why is it vital to install a first-class windshield?

The windshield in an automobile is the primary line of protection for the driving force against any sort of avenue particles that could input the auto and injure them or any shrapnel that can purpose scratches if concerned in a coincidence. it’s miles crafted from tempered glass as opposed to ordinary laminated glass. This tempered glass is formed by way of melting everyday glass after which solidified again below large warmth and stress, which makes tempered glass 10 times stronger than ordinary glass.

Ultimately, the windshield in-vehicle includes three layers, of which the middle layer is a product of protecting vinyl. if any debris or shrapnel breaks through even the primary two layers of the windshield, the driver continues to be covered via the last layer of glass. however, to be effective in defensive the motive force and the passengers, the windshield in-vehicle needs to be synthetic the use of splendid substances and ought to be installed well. the most effective manner to guarantee that is to are seeking out a good and reliable agency for changing and repairing the windshield.

What is the agency’s popularity like?

A corporation’s marketplace recognition is regularly the biggest proof of its reliability. analyzing reviews online and looking for the business enterprise within the information phase on google are some smooth approaches to acquire records approximately organization’s popularity.

Another factor that can play into determining recognition is to study the wide variety of locations and centers an organization has all over India. if an employer has flourished everywhere in the united states of America, it usually approaches human beings concept nicely to permit it to flourish. in the end, no enterprise can run without customers. for instance, ais windshield professionals have 80+ centers throughout forty-five+ cities in India, making it a widely-acknowledged logo. You can also check out chandler windshield replacement

Will my insurance be regularly occurring by using the organization?

In case you don’t need to pay exorbitant amounts whilst getting your automobile serviced; the query of your insurance being every day is a critical one to don’t forget. possibilities are that many groups have tie-united states with only a few insurance companies and as a result will not be able to offer you a suitable provider at an affordable charge-point. if an organization has tie-u.s.a.with maximum important coverage groups, however, as ais windshield experts do, you will possibly no longer have any problems getting your automobile glass repaired or replaced within your finances.

Is it handy for me to visit this agency?

If the windshield in the vehicle is broken, regular comfort is your high recognition. you will now not want to depart your automobile at some distance away service-center for over per week just to have a small repair achieved as this could lead to foremost troubles with conveyance (going to work, losing off kids at college, and so on.).

An employer that gives door-to-door maintenance is then the most convenient choice. door-to-door maintenance becomes an opportunity when the business enterprise has a great presence throughout India and has a big wide variety of provider centers. ais windshield specialists, as an instance, have over eighty conveniently-placed carrier centers and cellular trucks in forty+ cities so our door-to-door carrier is both fast and handy. moreover, even if your automobile needs to be added into the provider center, it does now not must be left there for an indefinite number of days – you’ll be inside and out of the center within 30 minutes to a few hours, relying on the volume of theirs.

Which kind of merchandise does this corporation use?

To ensure the safety of both drivers and passengers, a windshield in an automobile needs to be crafted from extremely good glass. this means that the dealer from whom the glass is sourced has to be reputable and regarded for providing first-rate glass. generally, this will be determined by going to an employer’s “approximately” web page on their internet site or googling the supplier’s call.

The adhesive used to cozy the windshield to the body of the car wishes to be particularly reliable as nicely, as any mishap in this vicinity can cause the windshield to crack upon the slightest effect.

Ais glass – the figure agency from whom we procure our glass – is the preferred preference of maximum Indian unique equipment manufacturers (OEMs). in reality, around 70% of the marketplace proportion with OEMs belongs to ais glass. furthermore, we use urethane adhesives which are ninety instances more potent than silicone sealants used domestically for windshields in cars.

Are the technicians well-trained in solving and installing windshields?

If the windshield in an automobile isn’t properly hooked up, it is able to puff out and create a dangerous situation for each you and all people else riding inside the automobile with you. which means all tactics used in windshield substitute want to make sure that it’s miles properly installed and isn’t always risky. moreover, care need to also be taken whilst managing the adhesive used, in particular in the course of summers when the curing time is faster.

Consequently, the system of windshield alternative calls for enormously trained specialists who are certified to carry out the process in the safest possible way. the specialists at ais windshield experts are properly skilled in automobile glass repair and substitute and are aware of cutting-edge equipment and equipment, exceptional and safety training, fingers-fitting experience, even schooling manuals and videos. as a result, you can relax confident that we will put in force the most secure techniques in wearing out your automobile glass repair and substitute.

What car models does the business enterprise provide?

In the end, even if the enterprise meets protection requirements and accepts your insurance claims, it is of no need if it does no longer carries the version of your car. many companies are limited through the provision of specific styles of glass required to make windshields for them. Subsequently, ensure that the organization you select for your windshield in the car caters to your automobile model.

At ais windshield experts, we cater to all automobile fashions including luxury automobile models along with BMW, Audi, Mercedes, and the likes. so, no matter the model of your car, you could avail of the offerings of ais windshield specialists.

What kind of guarantee does the agency provide?

If an enterprise does no longer provide a protracted and complete guarantee, you remain liable to meting out a large amount of money once more despite the fact that the windshield glass consists of some production disorder. ais windshield specialists are the best windshield business enterprise in India that gives 12 months written guarantee on workmanship and materials used, probably saving you a big sum of money in the future.

What other services does the employer provide?

Since you need to get your windshield in the car replaced, you can as properly have a few different automobile preservations carried out too. ais windshield specialists offer price-added services like battery replacement, wiper replacement, and vehicle cleaning service. this protects you from the hassle of locating an extraordinary enterprise for every factor of car upkeep.

6 Trending Online Business Idea to start this Year

How to Start a Business Online

There has never been a better time to launch an online business. To turn your hobby into a money-making side hustle, all you need is a computer, an internet connection, and a domain name. Are you ready to dive right in? Blue Host, for example, can provide you with everything you need to get started.

One of the most exciting things you can do is start an online business. There has never been a better time than right now and right here to do so. Here are six online businesses you can start today without even quitting your day job.

Become a consultant or expert in your field.

We are all very good at something and have knowledge that we can share with others. Becoming a consultant is all about identifying your unique skill set and applying it to assist or teach others.

Because their staff consists of many “Jack of all trades,” more businesses seek experts in specific topics or fields. They are knowledgeable in many areas but are not experts in any of them.

Popular online consulting gigs are frequently associated with business promotion, such as social media management, search engine optimization (SEO), and paid search advertising (such as with Google Adwords or Bing Ads pay per click).

If you have design skills or knowledge of website usability, you can contact businesses and offer constructive user experience critiques for their website or online store. People are often self-conscious about their abilities, but this self-consciousness may be preventing you from pursuing a lucrative side business in consulting. Just keep in mind that if you want to help businesses improve their websites, you’ll need your own, and it better look good! A host like DreamHost can help you get started, and they are currently running a special deal!

Gather your courage and put yourself (and your talents) out there.

Sell “artistic” items on Etsy.

Crafty people are often wary of technology, but Etsy provides a happy medium.

Etsy is an online marketplace for people who want to sell their handcrafted items. You can probably sell something on Etsy if you knit, paint, weld, carve, sew, mould, or shape it. You can also check out Careers blog

Spend ten minutes browsing different Etsy stores, and you’ll find people selling their wares from all over the world and from all walks of life.

And having a side hustle isn’t the only option; many people have turned their small side business on Etsy into a full-time job. Etsy provides a simple template and a plethora of how-to guides, so you won’t be overwhelmed when launching your online business.

If you have even a smidgeon of creativity or artistic talent, Etsy is a no-brainer for earning extra money online.

Establish a dropshipping business.

Starting an online e-commerce store can be a huge undertaking that necessitates a significant initial investment. You must not only buy a domain, design a website, and create product listings, but you must also buy, store, and ship the products you sell.

Dropshipping stores, on the other hand, are unique. You only need to do a fraction of that work with a dropshipping store. Dropshipping stores enable you to create a website and sell products without having to keep inventory or ship the products yourself – everything is handled by a third-party wholesaler.

When a customer purchases a product from your website, you place an order with a third-party manufacturer or wholesaler, who then ships it to the customer directly on your behalf. Dropshipping stores help you save time, money, and resources.

It doesn’t even have to be difficult to create your website or product gallery. You can create an online store using WooCommerce or simple templates on platforms such as Shopify and apps such as Oberlo. In just a few days, you can set up an online dropship store with thousands of products. The first step is to select a suitable domain host. Make a living as a freelancer.
For a long time, the term “freelancer” referred to someone who did not have a day job and charged exorbitant fees for their expertise in their field. Nowadays, a sizable portion of the global workforce supplemented their income by working from home.

If you have skills in copywriting, online marketing, web design, or coding, you will have an easy time finding hundreds of online freelancing jobs. Websites such as Fiverr and Upwork (previously ODesk) assist freelancers in connecting with businesses worldwide.

Freelance work can range from one-time paid gigs to weekly or monthly consistent work. What’s the best part? As a freelancer, you have the option of working an additional five hours per week or an additional twenty hours per week. You are free to look for and apply for as many or as few projects as you want.

Purchase and sell domain names

If you’ve ever thought that buying and flipping real estate seemed exciting and profitable, you’ll love the idea of buying and selling domain names.

Domain name flipping, like buying low and selling high in real estate, has large margins that can put a lot of money in your pocket. was the most expensive domain name ever sold, fetching $35.6 million in 2010.
A credit card is all that is required to purchase a domain. Domains can be purchased from well-known domain purchase sites such as and, as well as domain auction sites such as NameJet or Sedo.

Selling domains necessitates some creative thinking because you must find the right buyer (much like selling physical real estate). Successful sellers will tell you that building a portfolio of dozens (or even hundreds) of domains increases your chances of selling and profiting.

There are hundreds of auction sites and forums dedicated to buying and selling domain names, so you can easily find advice from people who have sold domains for tens of thousands of dollars. However, not every domain is a diamond in the rough, so perseverance is required.

Create Amazon niche websites.

We’ve all shopped on Amazon, and we’re all aware of the company’s vast reach. So why not join in the fun yourself? By becoming an Amazon Affiliate, you can earn a commission every time someone visits your niche website and buys something from Amazon.

Amazon niche websites differ from standard affiliate sites in that they focus on a single type of product, such as hairdryers, treadmills, or microphones. Niche websites are more likely to be discovered by search engines like Google and Bing, as well as by online shoppers who know exactly what they are looking for.

Despite the fact that an Amazon niche website still necessitates some heavy lifting on the front end (buying a domain, setting up hosting, designing the site, link building and so on). Once it’s up and running, you can easily duplicate it and begin earning passive income by selling a variety of products.

Three things to think about when picking a wedding venue

35 Tips for Choosing Your Perfect Wedding Venue BridalGuide

Have you recently gotten engaged? Once you’ve decided on a date and made preliminary plans, it’s time to sit down and work out the details that will make this once-in-a-lifetime experience one to remember.

While every wedding-related decision contributes to the creation of a dream wedding, a few options have a greater impact than others.

The venue is one of the most important decisions. Almost all of the details that follow will revolve around this important aspect of the wedding. It will set the tone and atmosphere for your special day. All of the wedding details will be perfectly wrapped up in one beautiful package if you choose the right venue.

Landmark Event, for example, has a number of wedding venues. They have three locations to accommodate every wedding size, theme, and style.

Here are three factors to consider when selecting the best wedding venue for you and your fiancée.

1) Describe your vision

Make a mood board of the overall aesthetic you want for your wedding before deciding on a venue. Make a list of every idea that comes to mind, no matter how crazy you think it is. Remember that sometimes the most out-of-the-box ideas are the best.

Art galleries, preserved warehouses, and industrial-looking restaurants are your best bets for a more modern and cosmopolitan look. The Fremont Foundry in Seattle is one such example. Sky-lit atriums, exposed beams, and concrete gardens are among its features.

If, on the other hand, you’ve always wanted a romantic, European-style wedding, Seattle’s best-kept secret, The Ruins, is the ideal location to exchange vows. With its luxurious interiors and plush furniture, it is a fantastic trip through history.

A wedding on a boat would be ideal if you and your partner value being one with nature.

A dream wedding is in the making when you tie the knot on the MV Skansonia with the calm waters surrounding your union as the golden sun sets.

Whatever venue you select, a wedding venue that matches your vision will help you and your partner feel more connected and at ease.

2) The number of visitors

The first thing you should do when planning your wedding is create a guest list. You’ll need a rough estimate of the number of guests in order to choose an appropriate space.

Your guests will feel cramped and uncomfortable if the space is too small. If it is too large, the atmosphere may become dull and cold. It may appear that many of your guests did not show up.

3) Your financial situation

Set a limit for how much you and your fiancé are willing to spend on the wedding. Consider any money you may receive from your parents. Make a list of all wedding vendors and their respective budgets.

You can use some money-saving strategies to stretch your wedding budget without sacrificing the quality of the wedding details. You can also check out travel company in Jaipur

Make sure you don’t include any venues that are way out of your price range. You are setting yourself up for heartbreak by doing so. Stick to your budget and look for ways to save money on items that aren’t high on your priority list.

A wedding is one of the most important events you will plan in your life. You are well on your way to professing your love and commitment to the venue of your dreams if you carefully consider these tips.

Four of the Best Ways to Make Money with Bitcoin

8 Incredible Benefits of Bitcoins and 4 Opportunities - Small Business  Trends

You can learn about the various ways to make money once you’ve decided to make a lot of money with bitcoin in 2021. It is the simplest way to earn a decent living while investing in bitcoin. Well, it appears that there are numerous options for making money after investing in bitcoin. Before delving into the meat of the issue, however, everyone should be familiar with the fundamentals of the cryptocurrency in question. It was founded in 2009 by Santoshi Nakamoto and is primarily used for online purchases.

Bitcoin has been used to purchase consumer goods and services for some time now. There is nothing left these days that can’t be obtained with bitcoin. Each country has its own set of rules for accepting bitcoin and allowing users to make purchases in that currency. Several countries encourage their citizens to use bitcoin to purchase a variety of goods. They will use the money to buy small items such as vacuum cleaners while saving for larger purchases such as supercars. Before getting started, people should be familiar with major concepts such as bitcoin trading, bitcoin mining, and anything else related to it.

People who have used bitcoin in various parts of the world should be aware of the various ways they can earn money. They can conduct extensive research online or consult various sources to learn everything there is to know about making money with bitcoin. So, the key ways in which all bitcoin investors can easily generate a good income are listed below.

Bitcoin Investing:

Yes, bitcoin trading is by far the most dependable and straightforward way to make money with bitcoin. The only thing buyers should keep in mind is that they must gather sufficient information about bitcoin, such as news and market movements, in order to make the best decisions. Then, to begin trading, you must select the appropriate forum or bitcoin exchange. To begin, you must obtain bitcoin at a low cost from a trustworthy website or exchange. After that, you’d wait until the right time to sell them for a higher profit. Margin benefits Bitcoin holders in the same way. Begin with YuanPay Group, one of the most powerful trading platforms due to its superior customer service.

Bitcoin lending:

Many people who are looking for a quick way to make money can consider lending it out on various websites or giving it to someone in exchange for interest. Shareholders would charge interest rates based on the terms of the agreement when offering bitcoin to someone. They will quickly gain a lot of attention until they lend bitcoin. They can also make the best decision for short and long-term bitcoin lending. You can also check out Segredos do bitcoin 3.0 funciona

Mining for Bitcoin:

In the current year, the next big way to make money with bitcoin has arrived. To increase their chances of profit, Bitcoin investors must first understand the mining method and then begin implementing it. It is a method of solving problems or performing calculations that involves the use of powerful machines. After solving the computational math problems, they generate a bitcoin. Miners who solve the puzzle quickly are rewarded with cash or other incentives.

Websites that offer Bitcoin Faucets:

There are hundreds of faucet websites where people can make money. To earn money or bitcoin in the form of points, they must choose the best bitcoin faucet website and complete all of the assigned tasks on a daily basis. These faucet websites offer small polls, Pay to Click, Captcha, and a variety of other tasks.

So, these are some of the ways that someone can make money with bitcoin. Aside from that, there are a variety of other benefits to doing online studies.


Finally, when working with cryptocurrencies, there are several considerations to make, such as obtaining a secure bitcoin wallet, selecting the appropriate exchange or trading site, and staying up to date on all developments to make informed decisions. As previously stated, users must select the appropriate trading site, create a new account, and then begin trading in order to profit. They should base all of their decisions on accurate estimates or research, and they should continue to invest in bitcoin while considering their financial constraints.

The remaining two Zellers locations in Canada will close in January 2020.


According to Hudson’s Bay Co., the budget retailer Zellers’ last two outlets will close early next year.

In an emailed statement, spokesperson Tiffany Bourre said, “Through the usual course of business, we continually evaluate store performance and other reasons, and may determine it necessary to close a shop.”
The stores in Toronto and Ottawa will close in January 2020, according to the retailer.

“We do not break out store employment data,” Bourre said, declining to tell how many people work at the locations.

Employees who are eligible will get separation packages, and the company would look into transfer opportunities where possible, she said.

Born in Waterloo County, Ontario, In 1928, Walter Philip Zeller founded the corporation with four locations in Ontario.

However, he was purchased out by an American corporation, which went bankrupt during the Great Depression. Zeller repurchased the properties in Canada, which had expanded to 14 at that time. You can also check out our website – zeddy

In 1932, he reopened a dozen Zellers stores in Ontario, Quebec, and New Brunswick.

In 1978, HBC became the sole owner of Zellers.

In 2011, the business agreed to sell the leases of 189 Zellers stores to Target for $1.8 billion, with the remainder of the stores closing by March 2013 (save for three).

Montreal and Surrey were the two venues that closed in 2014. The Ottawa store reopened the next year, leaving it and the Toronto store as the only existing Zellers locations.

What is an educational camp, and why should you attend one?

60+ Chicago-area teachers attend CS Ed Camp at UIC | College of Engineering  | University of Illinois at Chicago

On the education front, things aren’t all awful! This is the education storey that the media is oblivious to: teachers who genuinely care about their professions and pupils, and who are committed to continuing their education.
The School at Columbia University hosted EdCamp NYC this past Saturday. It was one of many EdCamps taking place around the United States and Canada, which are free, participant-driven unconferences. What is the goal? Professional development that is both meaningful and differentiated (read: PD that doesn’t put you to sleep.)

Unconferences are structured but casual gatherings. Participants at EdCamps can use the wish board to submit subjects they’d want to discuss. The subjects for the sessions are decided cooperatively and publicised on the session board. Participants are told they can attend any sessions they wish during the initial opening chat in the main room, and they are expressly instructed to change sessions and move around as needed to ensure they are getting PD that suits their requirements.

While the supporting materials make use of every technological tool at their disposal, several participants choose to go low-tech, choosing their sessions using index cards on a bulletin board and conducting/attending sessions with only a notebook and pencil as a tool. EdCamps are open to all educators, regardless of their level of technological expertise.

The meetings are only an hour long, with the majority of that time spent to participant dialogues and exchanges. Throughout the day, there is plenty of opportunity for networking, mingling, and sharing ideas: breakfast lasts an hour, lunch lasts 90 minutes (the greatest luxury of all for classroom instructors, no? ), and there are 20 minute pauses in between sessions. This allows participants to continue talking while also giving them time to think, share, and reflect before moving on to another topic. The overall result of this schedule is a relaxing, non-rushed day of PD in which casual chats are appreciated just as much as formal sessions.

Resources are posted on the wiki after EdCamp, and attendees can continue to exchange ideas on Twitter using the #edcampnyc hashtag. The fantastic Cybrary Man’s website also has a smackdown, or share-and-tell, of websites, resources, and instructional tactics.
Because EdCamps are usually hosted at schools, another advantage of going is the opportunity to see other teachers’ classes. Looking around gave me so many fantastic ideas for organisation and administration!

EdCamps’ unconference format is a wonderful model for school-based professional development. Because the model relies on the experience of teaching staff rather than outsiders, it saves the district money. Teachers will find it more useful because they will be able to select from a variety of session subjects and choose which ones to attend. Unconferences aren’t just “drive-by professional development,” when teachers are bombarded with new information and then forgotten. Because there are so many online options for teachers to share how they’re implementing their new ideas in the classroom and receive support and feedback, the PD is genuinely continuing. You can also check out Why does a school have to fundraise?

So, what are your options for getting involved? Find a local EdCamp or start your own! Propose to your administration that they utilise this approach for the next PD day at your school. Most importantly, spread the news about these free chances for educators to learn and grow together by tweeting, Facebooking, emailing, and other means. Let people know that teachers and schools are doing great things!

What Is Passover and Why Is It Celebrated?

Passover is a holiday celebrating emancipation from the slavery of ancient Egypt. It’s also one of the world’s oldest religious festivals, with roots tracing back to Judaism. The festival takes place for 8 days and lasts from sunset on March 25th until nightfall on April 1st.

Get out of our own trap - for real freedom - Israel National News

It’s celebrated by Jews all around the world, who commemorate this event with various traditions such as eating matzo bread (unleavened bread), drinking wine or grape juice, reading the Haggadah (a story about Pharaoh) and singing songs like “Dayenu” which means “it would have been enough”. Some Jewish people observe Passover by avoiding food that contains chametz- anything made from wheat, oats or rye.

What is Passover

Passover is a Jewish holiday that celebrates the Israelites’ liberation from Egyptian slavery. It typically falls in March or April and lasts for eight days, starting with the first full moon of spring. Passover commemorates events that occurred over 3,300 years ago in ancient Egypt when Moses led his people out of bondage to freedom after God revealed himself as their redeemer and liberator. Celebrating Passover promotes unity among family members and friends who gather together during this time period.

Why is the holiday called Passover?

Passover, one of the most important Jewish holidays celebrates the liberation of Jews from slavery in ancient Egypt. This week-long festival is observed by many different Jews worldwide and falls at a time when Jews are preparing for springtime. The word Passover comes from the Hebrew “pesach” which means to pass over or to skip, this is because God passed over or skipped destroying Pharaoh’s army during the tenth plague on Israelites as he was drowning all of his other enemies’ armies. Another interesting fact about Passover is that it has been celebrated for more than three thousand years! You can also check out Passover Programs

How is Passover celebrated?

Passover is a holiday celebrated by Jews around the world. Passover celebrates freedom from slavery in ancient Egypt and commemorates the Jewish exodus from Egypt. Passover lasts eight days, beginning on the 15th day of Nisan and ending with an elaborate meal called “seder” (meaning order). Passover is typically celebrated in homes with family members gathering for ritual meals, reading passages about Passover’s significance, singing songs like “Dayenu,” which means enough for us that God delivered us from our enemies’ hands.

What do people eat on Passover?

Passover is a holiday that people observe by eating matzo, shank bone soup, and other traditional foods. The people who celebrate Passover are Jewish people of the Jewish faith. But what do people eat on Passover? In this blog post, we will discuss some of the typical foods eaten on Passover day!

Passover is a fantastic holiday for kids.

In the Passover seder, children play an important part. They are frequently asked to perform a drama about Moses and Pharaoh or to create crafts inspired by the ten plagues. The storey of Passover begins with the youngest child at the table asking the Four Questions, or mah nishtana in Hebrew. It contains the most famous Passover question, “Why is this night different from all other nights?”

Children also get to hide an afikomen, a unique piece of matzah that is saved to be eaten after the meal. The afikomen is significant because it symbolises freedom from slavery, but it also signifies the prize, or treat, that children will receive if an adult finds it. Passover is a pleasant festival that is made all the more meaningful by the specific responsibilities that children play.

It requires a miracle.

The miracles of Passover are numerous, and they have sparked controversy for decades. “Why don’t we see similar miracles now?” some modern-day individuals question.

“The idea that an enslaved people were able to flee one of ancient history’s most powerful tyrannies is amazing in and of itself,” Rabbi Patz argues.

Many “miracles,” such as the splitting of the Red Sea, are actually quite straightforward to explain. “From a historical standpoint, the passage through the sea of reeds, as the Red Sea was known at the time,” adds Rabbi Patz. “The Israelites came from the country’s inland region, now known as the West Bank. They had never seen or experienced the sea or tides before. They arrived at the seashore late at night when it was dark.

There was a strong wind blowing. They came there during low tide, when the water was 10 feet deep and difficult to traverse before the tide flowed out. Add to this the fact that people used to fill the shallow section of the sea with rocks so they could walk across it at low tide. The Israelites made it across, but the sea came rushing in again, and the Egyptians were unable to cross. Is this some sort of miracle? It is, without a doubt, a miracle. The Israelites believed they wouldn’t be able to flee, yet they did. What’s the proof? Today, the Jewish people are able to relate the storey.”

A celebration of hope and possibility

Although Passover marks Egypt’s liberation from slavery, enslavement today can take numerous forms. “Redemption is at the heart of Passover’s relevance in today’s world,” says Rabbi Bregman. “While the occasion commemorates a physical liberation for Jews, the heart of Passover is to focus on spiritual liberation. The chametz we don’t consume symbolises the ‘leavening’ in us, i.e., the arrogance and ego that keeps us from reaching our full potential.”

“Passover commemorates the possibility and hope of redemption yet to come,” Rabbi Patz continues. In the book of Zachariah, there is a statement that I like: ‘We are prisoners of hope.’ We may not have many reasons to be optimistic, but we will not lose hope. By nature, Jews are pessimists. The claim that there is hope for the Jews, and for humanity, and that justice, mercy, and peace can exist is the core reason for celebrating Passover—that we were slaves and are now free. Now that you’ve mastered Passover, it’s time to put your skills to use.

How Do I Pick the Best Noise-Isolating Headphones?

The 5 Best Noise-Cancelling Headphones in 2021 | Reviews by Wirecutter

Many of us have been forced to return home to work amid the din of our neighbours, pets, and loved ones as a result of the pandemic. Whether your building is under construction, your dog barks nonstop, or your children are taking online classes nearby, a good pair of headphones will keep outside noise out and your music in. Noise-cancelling headphones are also a significant consideration.

The terms “noise isolation” and “noise cancellation” are not interchangeable. It’s simple to mix the two together, making it difficult to figure out which one you require.

The former merely minimises the amount of excess sound that gets into your ear, and there’s substantial technology behind the latter. Here’s how to tell the difference between the two and what to look for in a good pair of headphones.

Noise-isolating vs. noise-cancelling headphones: what’s the difference?

Noise-isolating headphones use physical barriers to shut out extraneous noise. This category is also known as “passive noise cancellation.” These headphones filter out noise by forming a good seal between your ear and the headphone. Noise-isolating earphones have a secure fit and block out external noise.

The generously padded cups of over-ear devices that go all the way around your ear are meant to block out as much outside noise as possible.

The idea is to create the tightest, most comfortable seal possible around your ears or ear canal so that you can only hear your music. Noise-isolating headphones, on the other hand, are typically designed to be used at lower volumes than regular headphones since outside noise is muffled. Similarly, you should exercise caution when wearing them when out and about, as you may not be able to hear your surroundings effectively.

Digital signal processing (DSP) technology is used in noise-cancelling headphones to actively cancel out sound waves from ambient noise.

Simply put, when you see the terms “noise cancellation” or “active noise cancellation,” it implies the headphones include an integrated microphone and audio processor that “listens” to the noise around you and plays a sound that cancels it out. Destructive interference is the term for this.

Most excellent models can manage persistent ambient noise (such as conversation, air conditioning units, aircraft engines, and so on), but abrupt shifts, such as someone shouting or a door slamming, are difficult to compensate for. While sitting in an aeroplane seat, the best headphones allow you to hear nothing but your music, or, even better, provide you with some peace and quiet even if there is no music playing.

Again, because the purpose is to minimise noise from your surroundings, you should be careful wearing these headphones while out and about. They’re not a good idea if you need to hear your environment for safety reasons. These are for you if you’re sitting with roommates and don’t want to hear them talk about the previous night’s TV drama.

When searching for noise-cancelling headphones, there are a few things to keep in mind.

It’s not easy to find noise-cancelling headphones. Many models claim to include noise isolation or active cancelling, but some do it better than others, some do it at the sacrifice of music quality, and some are merely weak budget headphones that do nothing more than crank up the volume to drown out the outside world.

Before you go shopping, figure out what kind of headphones you want.
Aside from active vs. passive or noise cancelling vs. noise isolating, you should learn about the many types of headphones and select if you want earbuds (or in-ear headphones), earpads (or supra-aural headphones), or full-sized headphones (or circumaural headphones that fit around your entire ear).

We’ve discussed the advantages and disadvantages of each, and all categories have active and passive models, but the form factor is just as crucial (if not more so) as the sort of noise cancellation you’re looking for. You can also checkout best am4 motherboard

If you want active noise cancellation, full-sized models that fit around your entire ear may be preferable—this adds a passive hand to the active noise cancellation mechanism. When wearing earbuds, on the other hand, you may only require noise isolation—if any at all.

Determine how much money you want to spend.

Noise cancelling of this kind comes at a premium cost. Because active cancelling headphones have their own audio processor (and circuit), the quality of the processor (and its circuit) has a significant impact on the device’s pricing. Similarly, the cost is influenced by the build quality, internal drives, size, and shape. Be prepared to pay more if you want amazing audio and noise cancellation.

If you just need one or the other, you may be able to save money.

This isn’t to say there aren’t any good deals out there, but those $40 no-name noise cancelling headphones you got from Woot? They’re wonderful for quiet offices, but they’re not going to make sleeping on an aircraft any easier. Again, you don’t have to break the bank, but the better models cost hundreds of dollars rather than dozens of dollars.

Put them on (if you can)

If possible, try on the headphones you wish to buy and turn on the noise-cancelling feature. If they’re not active, just get a good snug fit in, on, or over your ears.

Put them on your head and turn them on in the middle of the store if they’re active. When there is no music playing, listen carefully to see how well you can make out background noise. Whether you’re with someone, try talking to them at various distances to see if you can make them out. Your companion won’t be able to imitate a jet engine, but they will be able to imitate the noise from across the room.

Pay attention to the fit as well. Will you be able to keep these on for an extended amount of time? Will they get bothersome after the second hour of a six-hour journey, or will they begin to strain your ears while you’re at your desk? Worse, if you wish to wear them while cleaning out the garage, will you become caught in cables? You don’t have to use wired, bulky, uncomfortable cans just because they’re noise cancelling. Before making a decision, shop around and try on as many models as possible.

Try out all of the options.

Many consumers purchase noise-cancelling headphones solely to eliminate background noise. They don’t even listen to music because the noise suppression circuit is turned on. That’s fantastic if it’s you. However, if you also want to listen to music or podcasts, you’ll need to perform some further testing. Take a few of your favourite songs and put them on your smartphone or media player. You may also bring a couple Eminent multimedia test files with you to the store and see if you can plug the headphones into your own device (or connect through Bluetooth) there.

This will give you a better idea of how your music will sound coming from your own device, both with and without noise cancellation. If you want your music to be uncompressed and lossless, now is the time to clear some space on your phone so you can bring some of those files with you. You’ll be able to notice the difference between headphones that prioritise noise cancellation over audio quality quite fast, as well as which ones genuinely sound better.

Examine the battery life and warranty information.

If you’re buying active noise cancelling headphones, keep in mind that there’s an audio processor inside that requires electricity. That means they’re more than just a pair of headphones hooked to your head: there are electronics inside that can fail, and you’ll want to be able to get them repaired or replaced if they do. This is especially true for the high-end, pricey models that excel at it.

So double-check the warranty and look for user reviews—not just of the headphones (we assume you’re already doing that), but also of the company’s customer service procedures. Just in case, familiarise yourself with how you would contact them.

The last thing you want is to spend $300 on a pair of lovely headphones that break down and give you the runaround from customer service.

Also, consider battery life—some pairs have higher battery life than others, and you’ll want to know how often you’ll need to recharge your pair based on how long you expect to wear them on a daily basis.

Don’t hold your breath for miracles.

Remember that even the greatest active noise cancellation won’t be able to eliminate all background noise. High-pitched sounds, as well as abrupt and sharp noises, will continue to be heard. Even the jet engine on your journey will be audible—no amount of noise-cancelling headphones will make you forget you’re on an aircraft, but they will help you forget for a while.

Plus, if you’re an audiophile, even the best noise-cancelling headphones will almost certainly fall short of your preferred music-listening headphones. The bottom line, as Jude Mansilla, editor and founder of Head-Fi, put it:
Noise-canceling headphones are often pricey, but that doesn’t mean you have to buy the most expensive pair on the market. You can acquire a good pair of headphones for a reasonable price that will allow you to concentrate in quiet. However, if you truly desire a pair that provides both active noise cancellation and excellent audio, you should be prepared to pay a premium.

Shop around, do your research, and read a lot of reviews—we’re confident you’ll find a terrific pair that fits your needs, whether you’re at home, on a flight, or working in a noisy workshop.

What are Nangs? – A Nitrous Oxide History

The humble nang, ahh. “What are nangs?” is a question that many people will ask, even if they are familiar with them under another name. Nangs, an Australian term for little canisters of nitrous oxide intended to make cream fluffy and long-lasting, are also known as “Whippets” and “Hippy Crack,” and anyone unfamiliar with their recreational version will know their contents as N2O, or simply laughing gas.

What Are The Different Uses Of Nangs And Nanganators? | Simon Restaurant  Marketing

Nitrous oxide, the same gas utilised in the (too many) Fast and Furious movies to make fast automobiles even faster (and potentially even furious-er), is a very adaptable gas that has been used in dentistry and medicine as an anaesthetic since 1844.

Nitrous oxide, which is mixed with oxygen and inhaled through a face mask, is appropriate for treatments or settings when a general anaesthetic is not required, such as minor dental surgery and childbirth.
When inhaled alone, however, it can provide a very brief yet strong high to the recreational user.

The word “nang” is said to come from the sound distortion that a user hears in rapid repetition while high.
The history of nangs is fascinating, and they are far more widely used as a recreational drug than you might assume. Nangs are frequently mentioned as the drug of choice for Schoolies Week, alongside MDMA.

because they are not only inexpensive, but also readily available at every corner store

There are also late-night nang delivery firms that deliver 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in big cities, with one famously stating: “For all your baking needs.”

Because every now and again, you just need to frost a massive cake at 3 a.m. It was a Tuesday.

What exactly are Nangs?

Nangs are little metal cylindrical bulbs that are sealed with a metal lid and loaded with eight grammes of nitrous oxide. They’re designed to work with a cream syphon, which looks like a huge water bottle with a spout and trigger, and are used in kitchens to “charge” creams and gels.

But, as with other medications, need is the mother of invention, and there are a variety of ways to get to the end outcome. While well-heeled teenagers can buy a commercial cream syphon (dubbed a “Nanginator” in Australia) to get at the contents, many others utilise “crackers” and balloons to achieve the same effect.

The lid of the cracker has multiple holes and a screw top with a sharp pin within. A user seals the holes in the cap with a balloon, then places the nang in the chamber and screws the lid on. The seal of the nang is ruptured, or “cracked,” as it tightens, instantly filling the balloon with nitrous oxide.

The user can then inhale the nitrous to get a high that lasts anywhere from 30 seconds to one minute.

Some users have been known to favour huge balloons that can hold two to three nangs and then breathe in and out numerous times, saying that the hyperventilation enhances the experience, despite the fact that medical specialists believe this is potentially dangerous.

For many Australians, nangs are a part of growing up. Many a student sharehouse floor can be seen scattered with empty whippets at any one time, and their widespread use among university students, while still frowned upon, is widely known to certain generations, especially given its ubiquity and ease of usage.

Is it Illegal to Have Nangs?

In a nutshell, no, nangs are not prohibited. Not really, in a nutshell.

The use of nitrous oxide as a narcotic is extremely difficult to police due to its origin as a food-grade substance. They cannot be labelled as anything other than a food product in the United Kingdom, as they can in the United States. Certain sections of the United States also limit its sale to adults and set limitations on how many a buyer can buy in a single transaction, albeit this is the extent of the regulation.

In Australia, the sale of nangs is allowed, and a pack of ten costs around AUD$10. As nangs’ popularity grows, more and more stores are stocking them, with nangs currently being sold in almost every corner store and late-night 7-Eleven.

In previously indicated, there are a slew of delivery businesses accessible online that sell the canisters and needed “nanginators” as bundles that can be delivered to your home in a matter of minutes, no matter what time of day or week it is. Though many of them jokingly refer to their “baked products,” some of them aren’t kidding about their intentions, and it’s perfectly legal.

What are the effects of Nangs (Nitrous Oxide)?

When breathed, a nang causes tremendous exhilaration and lightheadedness in the user for a brief length of time. A nang user will feel giddy, dizzy, relaxed, and giggly for at least 20 seconds, and will frequently burst out laughing.
The high is about the same for each individual use and does not grow with each nang, therefore most people will use numerous nangs in one sitting.

There is no “comedown” period, as there is with most party drugs, and a user will be back to normal in a matter of minutes. They’re generally the drug of choice for a group of friends due to their low cost and popularity, while serious users have been known to use them alone.

Two deaths in Australia have been linked to the use of nangs, though not as a result of overdose, but rather the actions of the user while high, with one case in particular at the end of last year, when a young man fell from a balcony on the Gold Coast, tragically to his death, while allegedly under the influence of nangs.

Are Nangs a Threat?

While nitrous gas is commonly used safely in dental procedures and other settings, it does have drawbacks, and incorrect use can have harmful consequences.

Nangs are dangerous to inhale when standing up because of the dizziness, dissociation, and momentary loss of motor control that make them enticing to recreational users in the first place.

Because of its short-term effects, nitrous oxide can be addicting. Many users describe the illusive nang as “moreish,” and predict that they will use it more frequently as time goes on.

If nitrous oxide is inhaled in such a way that not enough oxygen is breathed in, death can occur; however, a huge amount of nitrous oxide would have to be inhaled: far more than comes in a single bulb. However, nitrous oxide was classified as a contributing factor in 28 deaths in the United Kingdom over the last 20 years. Click here for nangs delivery near me

While the pure gas is not hazardous in and of itself, long-term consumption has been linked to vitamin B12 deficiency. B12 is required by the human body to maintain healthy red blood cells, and a deficiency can cause anaemia, neuropathy, tinnitus, and numbness in the fingers and toes. Pregnant women should avoid nitrous oxide since it is both teratogenic (meaning it might disrupt the development of an embryo or foetus) and foetotoxic (meaning it can harm the developing embryo or foetus) (meaning they can be directly toxic to a developing foetus).

Nangs in History

While some may scoff at today’s youth utilising cream chargers to get cheap kicks, nitrous oxide has been used recreationally since 1799, when British nobles hosted “Laughing Gas Parties.”

William James, a 19th-century American philosopher and psychologist, and his contemporaries were also known to dabble in N2O. When he was high on the gas, he claimed to “experience the melting of dichotomies into a unity and a revelation of ultimate truth.”

While he claimed to have seen a guy under the effect of nitrous oxide “understand the meaning of the cosmos,” he also stated that once the mask was removed, the person was incoherent and memory loss was impending.

In a 1972 study conducted in the United States, over 100 people who routinely used nitrous oxide as a party drug were surveyed, and no detrimental effects were found.

Nowadays, not only is their use ordinary within many younger circles, but their ubiquity implies that they may, and probably will, rise in popularity at a rapid rate, until governments start outlawing whipped cream, which, at least in the Western world, would almost certainly be election suicide.

According to reports from the 2014 Glastonbury Green Fields festival organisers, two metric tonnes of used nang canisters were collected from the “King’s Meadow,” prompting coordinators to ban the substance from the world-famous festival in subsequent years, claiming it “darkened the field’s atmosphere.”

Finally, though nangs are unlikely to make you more “enlightened” (just ask the average festival goer), they are a cheap and (relatively) safe form of entertainment. If you don’t do them, you’ll at least understand why your friends keep organising late-night baking sessions.