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IT Technician Career Overview

In order to know whether or not you would love to become a computer tech you’ll have to understand a bit more about what the IT Technician career involves. There’s a continuously growing need for professionals in this area as technology evolves and finds that an ever rising number of functions in modern society.

The specific duties and responsibilities of those roles can vary based on the requirements of the specific organisation but to eventually become a computer technician you should have the skills to fulfil jobs such as:

  • Installing PC Hardware
  • Installing PC Program
  • Computer Repair
  • Maintaining gear
  • Providing desktop support
  • Troubleshooting a vast range of computer problems
  • Configuring pc programs

Tips to Become a Computer Technician

1.Get your CompTIA A+ Certificate

Among the best foundations to ensure a fantastic start when you decide to become a computer technician would be to acquire the proper qualifications. CompTIA A+ is among the most sought after entry-level certificates in this field and many IT jobs require this as a basis. The CompTIA A+ certificate is regarded as a standard requirement when you are seeking to be a computer technician so having this in your CV will be highly beneficial.

2.Practice Computer Repair

When you become a computer technician that a massive portion of your job will consist of computer repair. This is a very important part of background support and will need that you are able to repair PC hardware, applications and accessories like printer and scanners. As an aspiring IT Tech, it is possible to obtain a huge number of practical experience by repairing broken computers belonging to family and friends. If you can, origin unwanted broken computers and spend some time figuring out what it is you are able to fix and find out from what you have found.

3.Build a Computer Keyboard

Although it will not always be part of your project when you become a computer technician, building computers can teach you as much as pc repair can and this is a superb learning tool for those who learn through practical application. When purchasing the various components, you are going to learn about the internal structure of a computer and this will offer a wealth of knowledge.

4.Volunteer in Desktop Support

Among the fastest and easiest ways in which to achieve the practical experience which will assist your objective to become a computer technician is to do volunteer work. Work in a regional small company, a school or where you will find someone who is in need of computer repair or other aspects of desktop support. If you can, request that each of these posts compose a recommendation letter stating that you have partaken in volunteer IT Tech perform and what you’ve done throughout your time with them. These can prove useful when applying for a project to be a computer tech. Click here for computer shop montreal

5.Produce a Search Friendly CV

Now that you have a relevant certification or 2 and have additional practical experience to your stock, it’s necessary to ensure that your CV will get noticed by these recruiters that are hiring. There is fierce competition for IT Tech functions and recruiters are often blindsided by the masses of applications that they get. This has caused the use of filtering attributes and it’s vital that you consider these when building your CV. Ensure that you clearly notice any IT certifications you have got (CompTIA A+ is often utilized in the filtering procedure ), mention any sensible experience that you’ve obtained (even though this is simply helping your friends and family with computer fix ) and don’t clutter your CV with unnecessary information or details — interviews are to get the recruiter to request further information relating to the areas of your CV who have caught their attention.

Become a Computer Notebook Nowadays

Step one so as to become a computer tech is training. If you are considering the internet study course, it is advised that you study through a licensed training provider so that you may be assured that your IT Technician training is recognised and will prepare you for the examinations that are beneficial to attaining your goal to become a computer technician. ITonlinelearning is CompTIA accredited and will help you with an affordable and flexible training choice to get you started.

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