Pet Stroller Training: Teach Your Dog to Ride in a Stroller

Dog Strollers: Why a Pet Stroller Is Your Next Necessity

I am mad regarding the pet stroller!

As far as I’m concerned, it is the best invention. I initially bought one to take my senior dog Red on outings, but regrettably I have another use for my own stroller. Jack, my young dog (approximately 4 years) recently failed spinal surgery. He’s unable to walk yet and facing a long recovery, so I take him out twice a day to relieve boredom.

Should you require a stroller on your life but your puppy refuses to have anything to do with it, don’t worry, since this training will help.



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If your puppy is unsure or perhaps downright terrified, please don’t pick him up and plop him in. That can make him more fearful, and turn this into a bigger deal than it needed to be.

Step 1: Set the stroller up someplace in your property, then leave it for your dog to research.

Step 2: If he’s calm, give him a treat, or play a favourite toy close to the stroller.

Step 3: If he is worried, back up until he’s in a distance he’s familiar with, then play him or give him a treat. Make sure he can observe the stroller.

Step 4: Once he is fine next to it, pick him up, put him and give him a deal. If at any point he panics, stop and resume the training afterwards, from the last point where he was comfortable.

Step 5: Start rolling. My dogs get really irritable if I place them in the stroller, and we do not start moving within minutes. If that’s happening with your dog, he might just need to get going already.

Step 6: Roll him out into the garden. If he’s uneasy or nervous being outside, repeat the first few steps, only this time outside. You may be able to snap through after he gets accustomed to the change in surroundings.

Syep 7: Time to hit the roads! Start off close to home then venture farther afield. Try out a quiet street, the playground, and a busier area, public transportation perhaps. Click here for Julius k9 mini

Why so many steps?

Many dogs will love the stroller straight away, but for those that need time, taking training gradually greatly increases the odds of succeeding. Offering treats and preferred toys generates favorable relationships. You need him to determine how many fantastic things happen when he is in the stroller.

Keeping him secure

Set a tap on your dog, and also attach a leash which you hold, to prevent him jumping out in a uncomfortable or stressful situation. If I’m in the center of a crowd, along with my dog(s) seem somewhat nervous, I zip the awning to enclose the stroller, developing a den that they can relax in.

Pet stroller training: conclusion

Your dog may hop straight in and wonder why he is not moving, or take a little bit of convincing. For puppies which need time to correct, this pet stroller training can get you teaching your dog to ride in a stroller very quickly.

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