What Makes a Great English Teacher?

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Here at Select English, we love to think we understand a thing or two about what constitutes a good English teacher! All our instructors are highly qualified (carrying a CELTA or Trinity Certificate at a minimum requirement, although many of our core teaching staff also hold the DELTA). But qualifications are not the only mark of a wonderful teacher. We requested our Assistant Director of Studies, Jo, for her opinion on the way to be a good English teacher.


Maintaining student engagement


A Good English teacher knows that students that are engaged and prepared to learn are people who will enhance the most. Therefore, how do we keep our pupils interested in their lessons?


  • Making sure the classes are learner-centered and pupils are busy in classes, to keep them engaged and also because individuals learn better by doing things.


  • Helping students set goals and explaining why particular course activities are helpful so that pupils understand the way the lesson content relates to their goals. They will be more enthusiastic if they know the way the lessons are assisting them.


  • Using a variety of materials and activities to personalize classes; teachers should get to understand the interests, needs, and goals of their students and plan classes that are related to those.


  • Teachers must listen to what the students need, but also make sure pupils are aware of what their particular requirements and goals are and how to achieve them. For example, most of our students want to receive a high IELTS score but aren’t always conscious of how to do so, or General English courses are significant in addition to IELTS classes. We help them to understand that improving their General English knowledge will lead to a better IELTS score, while also educating them on the particular skills required for the examination. You can also check out¬†


Equipping students with study skills


Educating Grammar and vocabulary are important, however, to be a really good English instructor, you should also teach your students in how to learn. We do so in the following ways:


  • Helping students to become independent learners, by giving them the essential research skills to have the ability to use and exercise their English independently.


  • Focusing on all skill areas (reading, writing, speaking, listening) too grammar and language, so students develop across the board.


  • In examination concentrated courses, making sure students know about the content of this exam and different job types and ensuring students have practice in all these.


We Can only improve if we understand the areas in which we perform well and people where we’re struggling — and this applies to teachers as well as students!


  • A good English teacher gives their students constructive feedback and permits them to understand from it.


  • Getting regular feedback from students can be significant, so teachers are mindful of how pupils perceive courses and also to be sure they are happy. We do this with organized weekly tutorials and during informal discussions with students.


Continuing Skilled development


Many, However, we understand that it is vital for our staff to keep on learning and improving daily, therefore we have an excellent Continuing Professional Development program for teachers.


  • The best teachers are those who are focussed on their own development, so we encourage our teachers to attend workshops and coaching days alongside the training we provide in-house.


  • Our teachers enjoy working at a solid team, supporting each other and sharing thoughts.


What Can you believe makes a good English teacher? Tell us in the comments.


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