What’s it Called When All the Planets Are Lined Up in a Straight Line?

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There are instances when the planets in our solar system lineup at a row. Sometimes this row is straight out from sunlight, in other cases the planets are aligned offset from the sun and many frequently the alignments are only apparent alignments, looking as if the planets are lining up throughout the night sky. Different types of alignments have various names and rarity of occurrence.

Conjunction: Planetary Alignment

Planetary alignment is the frequent term for the planets being lined up in one time. A combination of at least two bodies lined up at the exact same section of the sky, as seen from earth, is conjunction. Within an orientation, NASA writes, the planets may line up with the sun or they might only appear in a line with the earth at an angle in the sun.

Syzygy: Group of Three

When at least three bodies are aligned in exactly the same fibrous system that the group is referred to as a syzygy. The most common occurrence of syzygy is a solar or lunar eclipse. In a solar eclipse, the moon is inline between the sun and earth, blocking the view of the sun on the earth. Unexpectedly, a lunar eclipse occurs when the earth is between sunlight and moon, blocking the light from sunlight in the moon.

Common and Rare Conjunctions

Partial alignments, or conjunctions, happen relatively often, requiring just that two bodies line up in precisely the same constellation as seen from the ground. Full planetary alignment on one side of sunlight, as calculated by John Savard of Quadibloc, will take place only once in over 1.6 million years as a result of large orbits of planets. Full alignment with planets on both sides of sunlight is potential once in approximately every 516 decades. You can also the planets aligned

These beliefs vary from forecasts about fantastic and great world-changing events into a shift in the polarity of the planet and also the end of the planet. The latest forecast is that in 2012 a planetary alignment will occur including a hidden world, called Nibiru, and a shift in the planet’s rotation will trigger events like earthquakes that will destroy modern culture. The predictions were untrue, however, since an alignment did not occur in 2012, Nibiru does not exist and, according to NASA, the rotation of earth will not be changing.

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